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we’re using web3 to heal the oceans

The NFT series for 100,000,000 mangroves

Featuring international world builders and concept artists from Avatar, Star Wars, and Marvel, we present an epic collaboration between Regenerative Resources, Chainlink,  Regen Network, Elevenyellow, featuring the first ever truly dynamic NFTs.

Currently on auction on Opensea here

RRC’s current projects will grow over 100 million mangroves in agroforestry, restoration, and afforestation settings.

In contribution to this mission, multiple organizations and many people are gifting their time, creativity, technical know-how, and networks, to create 3 short films, minted as NFT’s, that will be revealed frame by frame as they are sold and resold.

Posters featuring the collaborator’s and teasing an image of each short film are being released on December 28, 2021. Only 5 posters for each film will be released.  Those who buy these posters will have access to round-table discussions with the artists and RRC CEO Neal Spackman, and will be listed as producers of the  short film in the dynamic NFT.

100% of the proceeds and royalties from this art will go into the Regenerative Resources Fund, a Donor Advised Fund and 501(c)3 structure, with the goal of raising enough to grow all of the trees in our current projects.

But aren’t NFT’s destructive and emit a ton of carbon?

We estimate that these NFTs will be 200 times more carbon intensive than the average, coming in at about 40 tons of CO2 emitted per piece.

When successful, we will sequester an estimated 20 million tons of carbon through the 100,000,000 mangroves we grow, or 125,000 times more carbon than will be emitted by the NFTs. These are NFTs with a mission to heal the earth.

Ultimately, this will prime our financial-carbon flywheel, and lay the foundation to restore millions of hectares of mangrove forest, seagrass meadow, and to create regenerative coastal economies in partnership with local communities around the globe.

Meet the Artists:

Storytellers & World builders creating art not just to imagine the future, but to catalyze it.

Saiful Haque, Los Angeles

Artist, architect, director, disruptor, Saiful works with scientists, artists, and engineers across the world solving creative challenges in virtual reality. Saiful’s been a senior concept artist with GOOGLE, AVATAR, Apple, Disney, Riot Games, Legendary, Skydance, Lionsgate, and Netflix. Saiful is Regenerative Resource’s first Artist-in-Residence.

” When there is a lot of money on the table, people change don’t they? They behave differently, prioritizing proximity to capital over building, discovering, creating, cultivating, innovating, sharing, loving, listening. The financial incentives of the NFTs are obvious. What if we rigged this game so that the byproduct in its code, happened to be beneficial for mankind?”.


Filippo Nesci, Italy

Using Hollywood VFX simulation software, Filippo is a visionary fractal, glitch artist, whose work has been used by Google, Splice, T-Pain, and the Altaroma Fashion Show. His art has been displayed in the Museum of Contemporary Art of Rome Macro.

“I believe there needs to be something done, figuring out ways for blockchain to work with nature rather than against it. We must set a precedent, where we have a system to be able to change the mindset of the people, that it is possible to benefit the world we live in, as we benefit from producing things from it”.

Jan Urschel, Singapore

Founder of Hendrix Design Studio, Jan’s work has helped shape worlds for Disney, Lucasfilm, Marvel, and every major Hollywood motion studio.

“Contributing to this project represents a confluence of personal and professional interests. The imperative of making the earth a better place for our children, combined with the possibility of greater and more impactful artistic expression is an opportunity that doesn’t come along very often.”

  • Coming in 2022

    * NFT-based biodiversity credits, informed by real-time bioaccoustics data.

    *More epic collaborations with artists, designers, and creatives, led by RRC’s artist-in-residence Saiful Haque.

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