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Successful implementation of our projects requires partnering with local or indigenous communities across multiple geographies. Gaining the trust of these communities is a key part of our predevelopment phase, and necessary in ensuring the permanence and continuity of our projects over time. Beyond that, it is extremely difficult, and can take two years to accomplish. This requirement, and this trust, is antithetical to most venture capital structures, which generally require an exit within 8-10 years. Since we refuse to pull the rug out from under the communities we partner with, it would take an extremely special and aligned VC firm for us to accept that kind of finance.

Thus, to invest with RRC is to invest in projects, with a return on investment in the form of blue carbon credits, real estate, and seawater-based regenerative agricultures–a blended mix of real assets, carbon, or revenue-based returns. We work with asset management firms, family offices, PE, and aligned impact investors to make our projects happen. If you’re an investor that wants to tackle some of the hardest problems on earth with some of the most visionary regenerative systems ever devised, please contact us using the form below.

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