Creating Regenerative, Circular Economies

We transform degraded landscapes into productive ecologies and regenerative agricultures that sequester carbon, build soil, increase biodiversity, increase freshwater resources, and create new rural economies.

A Financial Engine for Ecological Regeneration

As a for-profit company, Regenerative Resources Co is a financial engine for creating and extending solutions to the world’s thorniest problems:   water scarcity, food security, rural poverty, ecological degradation, climate change, and biodiversity & habitat loss.



Our aquacultures are part of a closed-loop system that produces premium foods without polluting the ocean, and without the use of pesticides, herbicides, fungicides, or synthetic fertilizers.  Our grown-on-site feed uses no bycatch, no monocrops, and no antibiotics.

The effluent from our aquacultures provides nutrients for our mangrove wetlands & seawater agricultures, which we manage in turn to produce the aquaculture feed.

Mangrove Wetlands

Mangrove Wetlands

By transforming desert coasts into mangrove wetlands we can produce 100% of our aquaculture feed on site, while providing a host of other products and ecological services.

Mangrove wetlands are the only natural infrastructure that can protect against sea-level rise, storm surges, and hurricanes.

Mangroves provide crucial habitat for hundreds of species of fish, migratory birds, amphibians, and other wildlife.  In addition to these benefits they sequester carbon 50 times more efficiently than tropical forests and 10 times more than temperate forests.

Dryland Agroforestries

Dryland Agroforestries

We use freshwater lenses created by our seawater system to transform desertified landscapes into dryland agroforestries.  These extend our environmental and economic impact beyond coastal deserts and allow us to transform entire  watersheds.

We have developed agroforestries that can survive two years without rain or irrigation.  These systems transform marginal and undervalued landscapes into agroecologies that are tailored to local culture, geography, climate, and markets.  Below are photos of some of the landscapes we have transformed.

Seawater Agricultures

Seawater Agricultures

We have over 3 decades experience in producing food, fuel, and fiber with halophyte agricultures (crops that grow in seawater).  This is a crucial system for producing food without depleting crucial freshwater resources.

We are building on our experience by pioneering halophytic polycultures modeled on indigenous food systems.

Freshwater Lenses

Freshwater Lenses

While conventional agriculture consumes 80% of all human freshwater use, our system is one of the only agricultures in the world that increases fresh water sources, through the creation of fresh water lenses.   As desert floods hit our system they sink into the ground and create fresh water lenses sitting on top of a seawater layer.  Without our system, this water would be ocean runoff.

Depending on geography, these lenses can restore shallow aquifers, contribute to the creation of new springs and lakes, and are the foundation for our dryland agroforestries.

Our Services

RRC has three offerings:  TAAS (transformation as a service), carbon sequestration, and numerous goods derived from our ecological management systems.

From Vision to Commercialization

RRC works with governments, institutions, and foundations to create circular economies with regenerative agricultures on degraded landscapes.  The services we provide include vision development, feasibility studies, design & planning, construction & installation, management & maintenance, education and training, and commercialization of system outputs.

The Vanguard of Natural Solutions

Regenerative Resources Co offers companies independently verified carbon sequestration through mangrove afforestation, the most efficient and highest capacity terrestrial ecology on the planet for sequestering carbon.

Companies that contract with RRC  for carbon sequestration are those wanting to be on the cutting edge of natural solutions to climate change and regenerative blue economies while simultaneously untangling a gordian knot of related issues.

Mangroves sequester carbon fifty times more efficiently than tropical forests, and provide habitat for hundreds of species of fish, migratory birds, amphibians, and other wildlife.

Mangroves are the only natural infrastructure solution to sea level rise, and protect coastlines from erosion, hurricanes, and storm surges.  The value mangroves provide in ecological services is estimated at 100,000 USD per acre.

RRC designs enterprises that transform desertified coasts into these critical ecologies, then manages them as a fundamental component of our operations.


Neal Spackman. Co-founder/CEO

Ned Daugherty. Co-founder/Director of Design

Howard Weiss. Co-founder/Director of Communications

Christian Bertacchini. Co-founder/ International Partnerships & Development

Douglas Isaacson. Co-founder/ Director Licensing & Product Development

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