We Transform Degraded Coastal Land. 

1) Zakonodaja o športnih stavah: Kot večina držav ima tudi Slovenija zakonodajo, ki ureja igre na srečo, vključno s športnimi stavami.
Zakon o igrah na srečo natančno določa, kako se lahko igralci udeležijo iger na srečo ter kako morajo biti urejene in licencirane spletne strani za te namene. Če želite igrati športne stave v Sloveniji, si morate zagotoviti dostop do ene izmed licenciranih spletnih strani.
2) Priljubljenost nogometa: Nogomet je nedvomno najbolj priljubljen šport v Sloveniji in zato so tudi stave na nogomet zelo priljubljene. Mednarodne tekme, kot so svetovno prvenstvo ali evropsko prvenstvo, so odlična priložnost za navijače, da postavijo svoje stave in se potegujejo za zmago. Poleg nogometa so popularne tudi druge športne discipline, kot so košarka, rokomet ali hokej.
3) Ponudba stav: Športne stave Slovenija ponujajo veliko različnih možnosti stav.
Igralci lahko izbirajo med tradicionalnimi stavami, kot je zmagovalni rezultat tekme, ali pa bolj specializiranimi stavami, na primer kateri igralec bo dosegel zadetek ali koliko kartonov bo prejela ekipa v določeni tekmi. Vse te ponudbe se spreminjajo glede na dogodek in spletno stran.
4) Bonusi in promocije: Da bi privabili nove igralce in ohranjali obstoječe igralce pri svoji spletni strani za športne stave, ponujajo spletne strani različne vrste bonusov in promocij. Ti bonusi se lahko razlikujejo od brezplačnih stav do bonusov pri prvem pologu.

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  • Since the 1970’s 1/3 of Earth’s mangroves and seagrasses have been destroyed…an unspeakable loss to people and the planet.

  • The cause:  unsustainable human management of land, via agricultures, aquacultures, wood cutting, tourism, and overfishing.  These provide livelihoods and income in the short term, but lead to a cycle of degradation and poverty in the long run.

  • By creating regenerative economies that align human wellbeing with ecological health we can unlock the door to restoring these degraded  ecosystems.

    • What makes mangroves and seagrasses so awesome?  For one, they are critical parts of team of nature-based solutions to climate change, storing up to 10x more carbon than land-based forests.

    •  Mangroves are a keystone of ocean health; an estimated 60% 0f all ocean species rely on mangroves during some part of their lifecycle, including many reef & commercially important fish.

    • Mangroves provide coastal protection from storm surges, hurricanes, and even sea-level rise.  They cool local climates and are a critical component of  the water cycle.  As such, they are an important part of the powerful nature-based solutions for climate mitigation & adaptation.

      • Regenerative Resources acquires degraded land, transforms it, and commercializes the outputs.


      • Where possible, we partner with local and indigenous communities, maximizing local expertise, local leadership, local labor, and local employment.

      • By aligning community and human wellbeing with ecosystem health, we lay the foundation diplomarbeit schreiben lassen to establish new indigenous patterns, so that people are stewards of their ecosystems.

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