We Transform Degraded Lands

  • Since the 1970’s 1/3 of Earth’s mangroves and seagrasses have been destroyed…an unspeakable loss to people and the planet.

  • The cause:  unsustainable human management of land, via agricultures, aquacultures, wood cutting, tourism, and overfishing.  These provide livelihoods and income in the short term, but lead to a cycle of degradation and poverty in the long run.

  • By creating regenerative economies that align human wellbeing with ecological health we can unlock the door to restoring these degraded  ecosystems.

    • What makes mangroves and seagrasses so awesome?  For one, they are critical parts of team of nature-based solutions to climate change, storing up to 10x more carbon than land-based forests.

    •  Mangroves are a keystone of ocean health; an estimated 60% 0f all ocean species rely on mangroves during some part of their lifecycle, including many reef & commercially important fish.

    • Mangroves provide coastal protection from storm surges, hurricanes, and even sea-level rise.  They cool local climates and are a critical component of  the water cycle.  As such, they are an important part of the powerful nature-based solutions for climate mitigation & adaptation.

      • Regenerative Resources acquires degraded land, transforms it, and commercializes the outputs.


      • Where possible, we partner with local and indigenous communities, maximizing local expertise, local leadership, local labor, and local employment.

      • By aligning community and human wellbeing with ecosystem health, we lay the foundation diplomarbeit schreiben lassen to establish new indigenous patterns, so that people are stewards of their ecosystems.

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