The World’s First Regenerative Aquacultures. Goodbye Dirty Seafood &

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What is Sea Farm in a Box?

A zero-waste, circular, and regenerative seafood system that restores coastal ecologies and ignites local blue economies.

It is fully customizable to local needs and is designed to generate an 8-10% IRR within 10 years.

Sea Farm in a Box delivers on the promise of ‘seafood that heals earth’ but it ALSO delivers fodder for animals, job creation, and local resilience.

In fact, it addresses 14 of the 17 UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). We can feed the world AND heal the earth.

Sea Farm in a Box is expressly designed to create prosperity through profitable AND regenerative seawater agricultures.

“Regenerative Resources’ seawater systems are revolutionary, and among the most powerful solutions to climate, poverty, food & water security, and biodiversity loss on earth.”

– Dr. Joaquin Ruiz, Dean of the College of Science, University of Arizona

If Seaspiracy Made You Feel Depressed, Sea Farm in a Box Will Make You Feel Hopeful BUT…

It does so by turning everything we’ve been told about economic development on its head.

What Exactly is Sea Farm in a Box?

Sea Farm in a Box is a highly diversified “stacked enterprise” that generates income from MULTIPLE revenue streams: Shrimp, Fish, Salicornia, Crab, Oysters, and Seaweed (just to name a few).

How is RSA a Zero-Waste System?

Every unit in the system feeds the next unit so the waste from one is the feedstock for another.

Seawater enters the system but unlike traditional fish farms, Sea Farm in a Box generates no pollution – it is carefully architected to leave the soil, water, and air exponentially better than we found it, by growing mangrove agroforestries.

We call this regenerative seawater agriculture.


From UN Expert

“This is not your daddy’s fish farm. Sea Farm in the Box meets 14 of the 17 SDGs. If you are a systems thinker, you will immediately understand the impact of this innovation.

– Name

Has this been done before?

Yes, this is a proven model that was so successful when scaled that the government took it over.

Can I bring this to my city/country?

Yes, you can bring this to your city/country by filling out this form so we can gather some information from you.


From Someone Who is Bringing It to Mexico

“We are currently working on permits so we can bring the Sea Farm in a Box business platform to Mexico. I really like how they first win over the trust of the local people – working with RRC has been amazing!”

– Name of Mexican Project Owner

Can I donate?

Yes, you can donate by doing blah blah blah. What you can expect is blah, blah, blah.

Can I invest?

Yes, you can invest by doing blah blah blah. What you can expect is blah, blah, blah.


From Jeff

“Endorsement goes here and why you should invest because it is the best thing since sliced bread, not saying that 50% of sliced bread isn’t air.”

– Name

Do you work with government agencies?

Yes, we have consulted with several governments and international development agencies.

It takes an experienced team, working together to pull this off. The genesis of this work started in the mountains of Mecca… and now the video about this work has 500,000 views on YouTube and 1,000+ comments.

Calling systems thinkers looking to scale the Blue Carbon Economy through catalytic philanthropy.

Through our Donor Advised Fund, you can enable impoverished coastal communities to win a Sea Farm in a Box grant.

Be a part of history in the making.

When I presented to Sir Richard Branson on Necker Island, I realized there’s never been anything like this done before. Our Turquoise Carbon Fund adds a climate risk mitigation strategy to the mix.”

– Tahera Hamdani, Chief Strategy Officer, RRC

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