What is Regenerative Seawater Agriculture?

It is the first regenerative on-shore aquaculture system, integrating high-tech seafood production with seawater agroecology, mangrove agroforestries, and groves of seagrasses.

It is the key economic system we deploy at RRC: a proprietary zero-waste, circular, and regenerative seafood system that restores coastal ecologies and ignites local blue economies.

Regenerative Seawater Agriculture (RSA) delivers on the promise of ‘seafood that heals earth’ but it also delivers fodder for animals, job creation, and local resilience without the use of fresh water.

In fact, it addresses 9 of the 17 UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). We can feed the world AND heal the Earth.

RSA is expressly designed to create prosperity while creating massive positive environmental impact.

Previous iterations resulted in a 1000% increase in bird biodiversity alone, while restoring shallow aquifers, sequestering carbon, and cooling local temperatures.

“Regenerative Resources’ seawater systems are revolutionary, and among the most powerful solutions to climate, poverty, food & water security, and biodiversity loss on earth.”

Dr. Joaquin Ruiz

Dean of the College of Science, University of Arizona

What does RSA produce?

As a highly diversified “stacked enterprise,” RSA generates income from diverse revenue streams: Blue Carbon, Biodiversity Credits, Shrimp, Fish, Salicornia, Oysters, Sea Cucumbers, Algae, Fodder, Biofuels, and More.

How is RSA a Zero-Waste System?

Every component in the system feeds the next unit so the waste from one is the feedstock for another.

Seawater enters the system but unlike traditional fish farms, RSA generates no pollution, uses no biocides or synthetic fertilizers, and actually improves soils, biodiversity, and freshwater resources.

Has this been done before?

Yes, this is a proven model that was so successful when scaled that the Eritrean Navy took it over.

Can I invest?

Yes. Investing with RRC means investing in a mix of blue carbon, real estate, and coastal regenerative agricultures.

” RSA changes the entire narrative around agriculture–from one of freshwater shortages and depleted soils to one of infinite supplies of seawater, rich soils along desert coastlines, and prosperity and jobs for vulnerable people. For me, experiencing it in Eritrea was transformative.”

Jerry Farrell

Country Director, South Sudan, Danish Refugee Council

Do you work with government agencies?

Yes, we have consulted with several governments and international development agencies, on matters of ecosystem restoration, regenerative coastal economies, and sustainable food systems.

It takes an experienced team, working together to pull this off. The genesis of our work started in the mountains of Mecca and in the coastal deserts of Eritrea…

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Through our Donor Advised Fund, you can enable impoverished coastal communities to establish RSA systems, restore mangrove forests, and rehabilitate seagrass groves.

Our projects have massive impact–directly addressing nine UN Sustainability Goals…

In presenting our solution at the ultramarine conference with Sir Richard Branson, I realized how RSA is the real missing puzzle piece that integrates climate mitigation, climate resilience, climate adaptation, and climate justice in one cohesive system across the oceans and land.”

Tahera Hamdani

Chief Strategy Officer, RRC

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